What has your experience been as part of the Oklahoma workforce and/or any changes you would like to see or compliments you would like to make about a business or industry?

Are you aware of fraud occurring within the Labor Department? Your information will be kept private. Please send documents to prove your claims. 

If you would like to report anyone involved with Workman's Comp: Drs, Rehab Facilities, employees making false claims,  lawyers,  etc. 

What would you like to see improved upon regarding the department of labor and its roles?

Let me know of any unsafe work conditions. 

Use this form to contact Fred directly with any information. You can also email  Fred directly and include documentation.  All personal information is kept private and will never be shared. 

Report Federal abuse, fraud and mismanagement. Click Here

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To contact Fred Dorrell directly

Email: fred@freddorrell.com

Phone: 918.557.8252

"I'm not a proponent of big government, but I am a proponent of effective government."  ~Fred Dorrell